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To register for classes, please return the registration form and the release and waiver form (for students under 18) to the Cherokee Arts Center with a check made out to Cherokee Arts Center (94 North Street, Canton, GA  30114).  You can register in person with cash, check or credit-card, or you can call 770-704-6244 to register with a credit-card.  



*Registration for all Classes and Workshops should be at least one week in advance.  Classes start first week of the month and are billed on a 4 week cycle unless otherwise indicated.  

Please check our Newsletter tab to see which classes are being offered each month.



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Cherokee Arts Center Weaving Studio



Adults & Teens - $150 for 6 weeks

Limited Space!  Call for info!



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 New Class Starting- Memoir Writing Class: I've Got a Story, You've Got a Story - Getting Yours Down on Paper



$85 for 5 week session - Looking for Students!

Starts Feb 3 - March 3, Fridays at 11am - 12:30pm

This workshop will assit you as you craft your life story.  Over the course of 5 weeks you will identify those incidents that shaped your life, figure out the major themes of your life, mine your memory for moments that were life altering and stitch it all together in a compelling story for your children to enjoy for years to come.  Each week will include activities designed to spark your creativity and provide a focus for your writing between sessions.  Bring a bag lunch and enjoy fellowship of other writers who are plumbing the depths of lives well lived.


Materials needed: A composition book and/or a laptop (optional)




Michelle Hardie - Lunchtime Yoga Class



Thursdays – 11:30 to 12:30pm


$40 for 4 weeks


Our instructor Michelle teaches a Gentle Hatha Yoga with a Lyengar influence.  The word hatha means willful or forceful.  Hatha yoga refers to a set of physical exercises (known as asanas or postures), and sequences of asanas, designed to align your skin, muscles, and bones.  Come relieve some work day stress with Lunchtime Yoga!




Kim Bates- Digital Photography Class     


Thursdays - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Starts Feb 2

$90 for 4 week session

Bring 3-4 recently taken photos, your camera and its instruction manual.  



John Horne  -  Teen Drawing Classes 

 Drawing by one of John Horne's Students 

Teen Drawing - $90 
Saturdays  12:45-2:30pm   (4 Weeks)  Starts Feb 4

Young artists of all levels are encouraged to explore various mediums with
hands - on demonstrations & examples by interactive instruction.


A progressive drawing class focused on teenage artists of all levels and an excellent choice for high school AP Studio & Portfolio Preparation students who need to develop their work, focus skills and are looking to experiment w/their portfolios. Highly recommended for junior and senior high school students. Students work in a project-based format to create 3 & 4 dimensional drawings! The basic tenets/principals of drawing and rendering are incorporated within the process & each project moves students further along in their development. Initially we work mostly from photos - theirs or instructor provided. Beginner to intermediate students draft outlines w/grids to better learn and create proportional perspective. We will work large (18x24), initially in graphite/charcoal (vine & compressed) to build a good understanding of value, then we move onto color.



Linda Maphet’s -Oil & Acrylic Painting



Thursdays 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm, Starts Feb 2 


 Adults & Teens  (4 weeks)      $100                   



The great masters believed in the importance of drawing skills as the foundation for a good painting. Linda's class is a traditional approach to acrylics & oils painting beginning with improved drawing skills and continued personal guided instruction.