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"Immutable Evidence" Art Exhibit by Jerry G. White

August 3 - 23


 ~ Reception: Friday, August 3 @ 6-8PM in the Gallery


“The images contained in this exhibit are my attempt to capture something of the blessing of the beauty and uniqueness of commonplace things of the creation that are rendered uncommon via the constantly changing effect of light, shadow, color, and composition as seen through the eye of the artist/photographer — the unnoticed subtle coloring and texture of a carpet of dead leaves; the simple beauty of a mushroom in a single beam of sunlight on the forest floor; or, the breathtaking glory of a radiant sunrise or sunset; the translucence of red berries backlit by the setting sun; a seashell on the beach; water turtles sunning on a log; a butterfly gathering nectar from a flower; a new colt hovering close to mother’s flank; or something as “routine” as the sun turning fall leaves into a cascade of radiant color, be it in Georgia, Colorado, Sweden or Siberia - Genesis 2:4.” - Jerry G. White

Come out to see this new art exhibit where you'll see a different perspective in common sights we can see everyday.


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